CSVSorg / Co-Branding

Future Port of Call / Arrival Date (TBA)

Our Philosophy of Co-Branding: We at ChinaSeasVoyagingSociety (CSVSorg) would like to extend and share our Media reach capability via our networked leveraging venues and our Iconic Flagship the Intrepid Dragon II; a Co-Branding opportunity invitation to other unique minded businesses and entities. Example: ... this opportunity would consist of a artfully pleasing design and executed IDtag to be offered for sale by CSVSorg as a 'Collectible Set' to celebrate a virtual Co-Voyaging of our China/Hawaii Arts and Culture flagship … and your business or entity … more info of this offering will be forthcoming in the future ... please feel free to contact us with your interests and suggestions to Co-Brand together ... (ttbb/ thought bubble ... maybe akin to a 'KickStarter' Project/Funder program ... or a Virtual remake of the Trade-Voyages of the ancient ChengHo/Zeng He Treasure Fleet ...)

email: usCNCS@gmail.com